National Gallery of Art 75th Gala

It was with delight that while on assignment last night I found myself talking to Rick Beinecke the president of the museum’s board of trustees. We were standing in a gallery of Manet’s works when I said how much I loved the room. He said well its a an important room, you know, the door is here, and he points to the large opening and so the most important picture in the room goes here, and he points to the Manet called “The Old Musician” on the opposite wall.   The picture shows a group of slum kids, an old …

Thailand panoramas

While in Thailand this past summer I started using the panorama function on my Sony pocket camera.  I love how much is going on and the sense of place in these photos.  They need to be displayed large in order to really see the detail and the Sony just doesn’t have the pixel punch necessary to enlarge the images sufficiently.  I’ll do it properly next time.. Nikon outlines the process pretty well here…                    

Virginia McLaurin, dancing with Obama

The 4ft 11 internet sensation, Virginia McLaurin doesn’t own a computer or cell phone…hadn’t seen the video of her dancing with the Obamas until we showed it to her. She is very independent, has more grand children, great grand children, great great than she can count – if she had to guess she said she has 50 or 60 – but wants to have her own place…wow

San Miguel, what color and light!

The golden hour in San Miguel de Allende, what color and light. I spent a week in this lovely corner of the world in late January with a group of friends.  In an unusual turn, I opted to leave the Nikon at home and shoot with my Iphone and a pocket sized Canon.  It was freeing to go light weight and spend quality time seeing light and shadow.  SMA, as the locals call it, has a beauty all its own.  The town has a dusty arid feel similar to the southwest, US mixed with the crisp light and cool air of …

Washington DC Nightscapes

On a warm night in December I was working a party on a yacht on the Potomac.  The fog rising off of the river made for some special photographs of the Washington Monument, Fort McNair, The Washington waterfront construction, Nationals Stadium and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  

Archaeologists found the partial hull of a ship in Alexandria

Archaeologists found the partial hull of a ship at 220 S. Union Street, part of the city’s major redevelopment of the Potomac River waterfront. It’s on the same one-block site where workers two months ago discovered a 1755 foundation from a warehouse that is believed to have been the city’s first public building.  See The Washington Post story    

Picking up Pickleball

Pickleball’s in DC!  Its a fun game which incorporates aspects of tennis, pingpong and badminton.  I’ve been playing with the in-crowd a couple of times a week at local rec centers.  Its a blast and would love for anyone interested to try it out.

New video, Metro the Painting Horse

I think it is pretty clear from the video that Ron and Metro have a deep bond.  Ron sets up the painting easel right outside of Metro’s stall and they paint for an hour or so until Metro loses interest.  Its so cool and they really do seem to have a good time.  I asked Ron to tell a story about Metro – it seems that his horse likes to paint photographers.  He has painted lenses and photographers when they get too close…yes I did get some paint on my pants but the real danger was from the other horses, …

Whitman-Walker stills and video project – Going the Extra Mile

Recently Karen Sayre of Eikon Photo, and I had the opportunity to collaborate on a visual storytelling project for a Whitman- Walker Health Legal Services for a  fund raising event at the Longview Gallery in Washington, DC. Working with the legal staff and the folks at Bravo events we developed a theme of simple black and white portraits and similar lighting and style for the video.  Karen created the 32 portraits of clients, volunteers and staff and I filmed and edited a video for the event. Whitman Walker Video WWH helps everyone in need and has a history and emphasis of providing health …